Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sunday 25th December

Dear Comrades in Alms,

We speak to you from the mediterranean shores of Eastern Spain where we are plotting a world revolution.

The plotting started with a cathedral visit to see what the locals do on this day...

And then continued with a walk down some medieval streets...

We considered the overthrow of various govenments and pseudo democracies over a tasty Catalonian style lunch...(whilst semi-successfully negotiating 'coelicus' for Mum's food)...

And then the final pieces of world transformation were put together during a walk by the sea...

Our conclusions for world revolution and peace?...

* more ice cream in the evening
* fairer re-distribution of wealth
* why can't some people (not us of course) stop being annoying?
* more football on BBC 1
* one extra day in the weekend between Saturday and Sunday
* everyone to be eco-friendly and peaceful immediately. No exceptions from anyone.

My highlight was when we passed by a five star hotel and aged ancestor of the female persuasion said (and this is absolutely true):

"Why don't we go into the hotel and throw around the furniture and see what happens?..."

Excellent! World revolution is yet possible with this Rock and Roll Granny.

Meanwhile, the revolution is being put on hold temporarily whilst we go back to the apartment and digest our food and drink and have a nap.

Happy Christmas One and All.

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