Saturday, 12 July 2014

Spindrift: A Wilderness Pilgrimage at Sea by Peter Reason

Book Review 



The spiritual journey is a call to adventure. It is a call of the wild, to break boundaries, to grow beyond our limitations, to reach out, to connect and to become all that we can be.  

And this is why I like Spindrift.

The call to adventure is Peter Reason's pilgrimage at sea. Through sailing on his yacht "Coral" from Plymouth via the Scilly Isles to Ireland, Peter narrates his passage, bringing to life his many experiences and all told with, sometimes, unnerving honesty.

Having done a certain amount of sailing myself, I relate to the journey and the feelings of being aligned with nature though the wind in the sails and the refreshing breeze of the sea.

And the great thing about this book is that the sailing voyage is a wonderful metaphor for the wild journey of our spiritual adventure. Peter is obviously someone who has thought, questioned and challenged ideas in his own journey through life. Going outside and beyond his cultural background to reach out to what is happening in the world today and how he can respond to it.

Personally, I love the references to wildness, the Universe Story and the environmental plight of our time. These all link together so well to provide a coherent view of our collective spiritual journey.

This pilgrim-book is full of life, it asks deep questions for our time and it invites me to see the world full of wild possibility.