Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saturday 24th December

Today I have been looking for some cultural symbol of Catalonia. Something to express the outlook and ideology of the local people.

At last I found the 'Catalan Caganer' which is normally added to the nativity scene (although not near the Virgin Mary I am told).

Why? Well there are lots of reasons given. One of them is about giving fertility to the soil. Another is to remind us of our emodied mortal state amongst the nativity myths.

Click here for more information and more reasons why the Catalan Caganer is part of the Catalan nativity scene.

I did try to buy this as a souvenir but no luck as yet.

Today we went to Montserrat - about an hour bus ride from Barcelona.

Went to the Basilica...blah blah...

Stood by an arch built in 1025...blah blah...

Aged ancestor of the female persuasion stood on a spot that was supposed to give you energy supernaturally...blah blah...

Saw great views...blah blah...

But, I ask myself, what about the symbolic meaning of this place? How can we interpret what we see into creative and meaningful ideas to find our place in today's world?

Well, I went to an art gallery at Montserrat and saw paintings by an artist who was inspired by the place and the rock formations. comment.

After getting near home I sat down ... wondering what they had put in the local food.

Happy Christmas everyone.

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